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Can I pay by Credit Card?
No, not at this time.Since most people change the options on their directory service after the initial setup, we find it better to bill by invoice after directory options are final.

How can I contact you?
By phone, fax, email and snail mail ... go to our "Contact Us" page.

How do I pay for service?
Pay by check made out to "". For more info, go to our "Contact Us" page.

Can you host my site even though I have designed the site myself?

Yes. We don't care if you design your site or have a 3rd party to design it.

Can you redesign my web site?
Yes! We do this all the time. In most cases we do not redesign sites that we do not host!

Can you redesign my site for high search engine rankings?
Yes! We do this all the time. In most cases we do not redesign sites that we do not host.

Can you monitor my search engine rankings?
Yes, we have 3 standard packages for this. For more info on our search engine service.

Do you do Direct (Postal) Mail Marketing?
Yes, we have done this for professional and various other companies.

Do you do Email Marketing?
No, in general. We do manage op-in email lists for clients. We do not spam nor will we spam for clients. For particulars please contact us.

Will you release the Email Addresses of your clients?

No! We protect our clients.

Can I get a free Listing in one of your "Business Directories"?
It depends, but in most cases no. We charge a very low price of $30/year for a listing and we belive if it is worth considing it's worth $30/yr.

Do you have a question not answered by the above?
Please send us your question and we will answer it as soon a possible!