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People in cyberspace judge your business by its website.
By the end of this year, there will be an estimated one billion internet users. Is your website sending a clear message? Now is the time to revamp your website! Remember that you can start with a basic site and always add to it later!
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Design Rates
We base our charge on the work involved that will fit your needs.Since no two web sites are exactly the same, we don't have any "flat fee" package prices. We give our clients the greatest value by designing for the individual.
Base Rates

Our base rate is $60.00 per page & $30.00 per graphic. On average, it takes 1 to 2 hours per web page and 30 mins to 1 hour for each existing graphic.

Please call for your FREE price quote- 321-724-0850
Note: We will give you a quote on your site and if you do not add pages, sections, graphics and we don't report any extra costs ... then your quoted price is the price you pay. If you provide us the information we need in a timely manner you may be eligible for a 10% discount on quoted web design cost. You will be getting great service at a great price!

 Labor Rates:
Home Page $100.00 For the first (Home) page, includes footer "Line" on bottom of home page and other pages. Also includes simple navigation to other pages on site.
Web Page $60.00 For each simple web page. Includes simple formatting and several links.
Web Extra
Call for a quote.
Cost for design of web page(s) beyond a simple web page. The cost varies depending on the work involved.
Graphic $30.00 For each simple,normal picture graphic put on a web page. This includes cropping, reformatting to make web compatible and inserting into web page.
Graphic Extra
Call for a quote.
Cost beyond basic picture/graphic work. The cost varies depending on the work involved.
Advanced Navigation $200.00 Advanced Navigational buttons that have 3 states (actions). The 3 states are Unselected, Mouse Over and Selected. (Note: each button has 3 different graphics and each may have a different color/style to distinguish the 3 phases of the buttons. (Examples: Look at, & Notice the buttons on the top, (or left). Notice how they change to show what page you are on and when the mouse is over.)
Map Page $100.00 Web page that includes 3 graphic maps to. Each map has a different level of zoom. Includes picture of office if available.
(Examples: &
Guest Book $85.00 Install existing Guest Book in cludes Form and CGI/ASP Script.*
JavaScript $90.00 Install existing JavaScript code Block*
Java Applet $95.00 Install existing Java Applet*
CGI Script $90.00 Install a simple existing CGI Script*
ASP Script $90.00 Install a simple existing ASP Page/Script.*
Basic Labor Rate: ( hourly )
Because the web has endless possibilities and forever changing we offer low labor rates by the hour should you want something that is not listed above.

    HTML/Most Graphic Work.  $60.00/hr.
    CGI, Perl, JavaScript Programming.  $75.00/hr.
    Java Programming, mSQL (dB)  $95.00/hr.

*This is an existing script that we install in your web page(s). This cost does not include buying or licensing any 3rd party code/script, i.e. your cost may be more.

NOTE: We will give you a price quote!

Portfolio: ( >>> Just a small subset of sites we have done <<< )

Professional offices.


Organizations / Associations:

We have several profession specific directories such as:
   (We get over 25,000 combined visitors each week on these directories)
   Attorneys -
   Dentists -
   Chiropractors -
   Veterinarians -
   Podiatrists -
   Accountants -

Please call for your FREE price quote- 321-724-0850