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Search Engine Optimization, Submission, Ranking Report
& Search Engine Positioning.

Is your company ranked high on the search engines?

Is your company receiving new customers from the web?

   We will help you to reach those goals! Proven Results!

Check out our "Search Engine Case Study".

We can get your web site ranked high on the search engines!
With our years of experience in designing for search engine optimization and search engine submission, we have achieved great success for our clients. We provide an ongoing effort to keep you ranked high in the search engines, with proven results.
As an enhanced service, we not only submit your web site to the top search engines, but also report your site's ranking to you on a regular basis. When appropriate, we will resubmit your site for higher ranking.

Search engine optimization, submission and generating a search engine ranking report is very tedious and time consuming, but the rewards are great. Search engine positioning is
an investment into your business

Site Design for the Search Engines:
We can design a new site for you, or redesign your existing site for the search engines. Your site may look great, but generate little to no business, as search engines may not find it! Your site must be designed specifically with appropriate keywords imbedded in many different ways and places. The work is very tedious and time consuming, which is what set sets us apart from other hosting services and designers. We submit your site to the search engines only after this is complete.
Cost starts at $60/page.

Search Engine Ranking Report:
With our service, you will be able to see where you are ranked on the search engines, and be sure of how you are doing. You need a Search Engine Ranking Report on a regular basis. If, for some reason there are Search Engines on which you are not ranked high, we may need to redesign some of the pages and resubmit your site.
Cost starts at $100/month.

Search Engine Service & Costs:

In most cases, the Search Engine Subscription Costs includes Web Hosting and we do not offer this service unless we are going to host your web site. We make this a requirement as other web providers may not offer the same server options that we need.

Our Search Engine service is available in 3 different time intervals.
  Time Interval
Monthly (12 times a year)
Every 2 months (6 times a year)
Every 3 months (4 times a year)
  Subscription Costs*
$200 each time
$250 each time
$300 each time
  1 year Contract Cost
$1,200 (Best Value!)
This service is only available after we have designed or redesigned the site for the search engines.

At each time interval, we will generate a search engine ranking report for 3 different key phrases. When appropriate, we will redesign and submit your site or page(s) for higher search engine ranking.

Measuring & Guaranteeing Search Engine Success:
     (Note: Placed for reference. We will explain options/costs in detail)
     We have developed this "Scoring Algorithm" so as to assure you that you
     get what you pay for. If we are not successful you only pay us 50% of
     subscription costs. And since our Search Engine Subscription Cost
     includes hosting fee, you can't lose.

   The Scoring Algorithm: For each "Key Phrase" that the web site is
Ranked on the 1st page
Ranked on the 2nd page

Ranked on the 3rd page

+1.0 to Score
+0.5 to Score
+0.2 to Score
  If Score < 3
If Score >= 3 & Score < 5
If Score >= 11
you pay 50% of "Subscription Cost"
you pay 75% of "Subscription Cost"
you pay 100% of "Subscription Cost"


Optional Reporting/Costs/Scoring:
If you wish to have more than 3 "Key Phrases" reported in the search engine reports, the following additional costs apply for each report/time interval: (Cost is accumulative)
  If Score>= 7
If Score>= 9
If Score>=11
If Score>=13
If Score>=15
If Score>=X+2
add $40
add $35
add $30
add $25
add $20
add $20
5 Keywords or more
7 Keywords or more
9 Keywords or more
11 Keywords or more
13 Keywords or more
Y+2 Keywords or more

If your Internet Marketing Requirements are more than the above provides, we can custom tailor an Internet Marketing Champion just for you!

If you are serious about obtaining new clients from the web, you should use our enhanced search engine service. If you are interested, please call us at 321-724-0850 or email us at    check out our "Search Engine Case Study"

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